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Bring your stories to life

Providing exclusive, polished, high-quality tracks and compositions, this production music is recorded to be licensed to customers for use in media projects such as in film, television, radio and trailers. Vocal and instrumental versions as well as stems available.

This album generates images through cinematic music. The destination of this piece of work is timeless, spaceless and without a specific genre.
A journey to the border between US and Mexico. Scratchy and energetic sounds of western rock meet romantic smoothy ballads. Great variety of dynamics and moods in a collection to discover.

Acoustic ballads, electric guitars, vintage instruments, synths, and analog effects. Indie-folk inspiration mixed with electronics. Refrains artfully constructed to enchant the listener who is thrown into an ancestral, archetypal sound.

Dreamy beats and uplifting melodies. Sampled pieces of vinyl mixed with acoustic and synthesized music instruments. Old sounds redesigned.

Energetic Indie-Rock blending catchy hits with fresh electronic sounds. Killer tunes in both vocal and instrumental versions.
Emotional, delicate, romantic and calm piano solo pieces. Simple modern melodies for beautiful moments of human drama and nature.

Contaminations of World music, Alternative Rock, Downtempo, Nu Jazz and Electronic music come together in search of a new musical panorama.

The Wild West is not so far away. Dirty powerful sound for contemporary western movies.
Cinematic orchestral tracks. Epic/big sounding music like Hans Zimmer’s, intimate themes as Thomas Newman’s, and captivating electro-orchestral hybrids.
Bright and corporate indie anthems. Let your company make the difference with these inspirational sounds!
Sophisticated, catchy and bright Alternative Pop and Electronic atmospheres, vocal and instrumental. Prepare to lose yourself in a total music addiction.

Catchy, Electronic and Ambient songs with inspiring vocals and instrumental versions. Daytime TV, lifestyle, sports, teen movies and TV series.

Electronica, Dance, Urban, Synth. Tracks based on a mixture of catchy and uplifting pop-melodies and dubstep sounds.