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As the evolution of his “deepest self”, Eric Oder is the alter-ego of Federico Coderoni; the electronic music artist based and evolved in Berlin. Right before the pandemic began, he performed live electronic sets in Berlin’s club Griessmuehle and ://about blank lined up along with Florian Meindl, Black Lotus, Kamikaze Space Programme.

An eclectic and complex artist, Eric Oder likes to think of live electronics as an emotional texture that moves the soul of the listener.

Through complex rhythmic patterns and deep techno sounds, he makes venues and their adventurers vibrate with his performances of experimental electronic sounds and minimalistic visuals, creating strong and dark atmospheres.

Memory Hole

Eric Oder’s debut album, “Memory Hole,” released on December 16, 2022, showcases the artist’s talent and understanding of Berlin’s electronic music scene. The self-produced album is an embodiment of the German capital evolution, with its atmospheric, ambient textures and club grooves that take listeners on a thrilling journey through the city’s vibrant nightlife.
Mastered by Bo Kondren at Calyx Mastering Studio, “Memory Hole” delivers a monolithic sound. Kondren, renowned for his work with iconic artists such as Modeselektor, Moderat, Trentemøller, and Zola Jesus, has provided his expertise to ensure that the album sounds nothing short of perfect.

“Memory Hole” features techno influences, heavy sound processing, complex rhythmic patterns, and emotionally driven downtempo melodic lines. The album is an explicit homage to the aesthetics of Berlin and reflects the city’s spirit through its evocative and mesmerizing tracks.

Highlight of the album is the track “Rebellion,” which captures the essence of the city’s diverse and unique nightlife. 

The track combines pulsating beats, dark and eerie synths, and haunting melodies that create a captivating sonic landscape.

Artistic concept

Eric Oder’s debut album, “Memory Hole,” takes its title from George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984”, in which “memory holes” are depicted as a means of censoring information and controlling the past. In the novel, these holes are part of the Ministry of Truth, where documents and historical records are systematically destroyed in order to erase any evidence that contradicts the ruling party’s propaganda.

The concept of memory holes has become a powerful metaphor for the manipulation and distortion of truth in modern society. By referencing this concept in the title of his album, Eric Oder is making a powerful statement about the importance of remembering the past and resisting disinformation to preserve the narrative of history.

The album itself is a sonic exploration of the complex interplay between memory and perception. It combines elements of techno, ambient, and downtempo music to create a richly textured and immersive sonic landscape. The result is an album that is both intellectually engaging and emotionally resonant.

The first single, At War, was produced in early March 2022, just days after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It fits perfectly with the rest of the album, which photographs a historical moment as a mixture of alienation, bewilderment, and dystopia. Incorporating some references from George Orwell’s 1984 immersed in today’s reality, this album offers a new perspective, encouraging reflection and introspection.

Live Performance & Aesthetics

A fusion of distinctive sounds showcases Eric Oder sonic journey; featuring tracks from his debut album Memory Hole and unreleased works, this live set recorded at “The Sanctuary Experience” in Milan (2023), is a breathtaking audio experience meant to be played loud.

Artwork by Kali Meri
Visuals by Giuseppe Bravo

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