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10 June 2020

The Doge – Man On The Block

Born in Genoa and moved to Berlin in full lockdown by Coronavirus to be finished, Man On The Block is the record debut of The Doge, the artistic project in which I was involved as co-producer and sound engineer.

Man On The Block Cover

Despite some similarities with electronic music, it is better to not jump to conclusions with this EP: all the tracks that compose these songs are in fact made completely with acoustic instruments, played by the wise hands of Stefano Bergamaschi, Lorenzo Bergamino and Gigi Magnozzi to which I added here and there some analog synths and effects. The finest textures of percussions, reverb, and delay effects on guitars, horns and trumpets, violas, and violins in the first two tracks, double bass, bansuri flute, processed vocals, guitar and electric bass in the third and last. Everything was played, track after track, until the picture was created.

The Doge Gallery

Contaminations of world music, alternative rock, downtempo, nu jazz and electronic music come together in search of a new musical panorama.

Because of their complexity and richness of instruments these songs are composed of almost 50 tracks each. My bet was to make sure that everything had its own space in an organic, harmonious and powerful soundscape at the same time.

We were supposed to meet to complete the mixing sessions but due to the health emergency, it was not possible. The key to this situation, as for many, was Audiomovers which guaranteed me to share with the guys at The Doge a live streaming in high-quality audio of the individual sessions directly from the DAW, in combo with Google Hangouts for remote monitoring of the operations on the screen. A new experience that not only solved a problem common to the entire recording/production industry during this period but guarantees innovation for future remote collaborations.

This production music is made to be listened to, to relax, to be overwhelmed and above all to accompany images. Based on this assumption we also took the liberty of composing these videoclips for the individual track.

Window On The City No.3

Safari Makali

A Passage to 9012

Many media productions are recovering from this difficult moment and Man On The Block is ready for new synchronizations.
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