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René Caovilla

Music Composer & 
Sound Engineer

My original song “Walk Your Way” featured in René Caovilla homage to women and their elegance, a fashion film shot by director Oliver Astrologo.

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Original Score

The music follows this ideal of strength that is reflected in modern, energetic, and uplifting sounds. Contaminations of old school hip-hop beat in a modern arrangement with funky grooves and electronics elements.

Walk your way portfolio 1
Walk your way portfolio 2

A hymn to the strength of women.

Past, present and future are intertwined in a film where woman is the real protagonist. A strong, cosmopolitan and self-confident woman who takes a metaphorical walk through the streets of life in the frame of the suggestive lagoon landscape.

A fashion show through the Venetian streets to present a collection made up of iconic models and new proposals. 

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