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Music For The Planet

Music Composer

Music For The Planet is an environmental-music project, completely self-financed and absolutely non-profit, which aims to bring to the attention of the public initiatives of various organizations that contribute to the fight against the damage caused to the environment to date.

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Original Score

The project consists of an album of 10 original orchestral tracks that is available since April 22, Earth Day 2019, on all digital platforms and in free download.

It's our duty to change the world.

MFTP Jungle
Mastering Session at Fuseroom Studio

Surfing a spark of pure inspiration born in 2016 from the environmental movement, ‘Music For The Planet’ is a non-profit album of 10 orchestral pieces each of them dedicated to a single initiative from different environmental organizations.

The project foresees to publish each track explaining in an article how the campaign inspired my music. Learn more.



“Our way of life is at stake, our grandchildren are at stake, the future of civilization is at stake.”

– Al Gore 

MFTP Monkey

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