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Music Composer & AI-Video Prompt Engineer

Original music composition and AI video generation for a ballet performed by Iana Salenko, and Oleksandr Shpak.

Original Score

Transitioning from dystopian aleatoric music to an intimate solo piano piece, “Meǝt” ponders AI’s impact on humanity, urging us to retain our inner center amidst modern chaos.
Iana Salenko AI

Meet or meat: embrace humanity in the Age of AI

Through dance, the importance of strong connections for a sustainable future will be expressed and the interplay of culture with digital communication will be redefined.

A Ballet Entertainment production.

Premiered at Green Tech Festival 2023.

Hosted by Ströer.

Choreographed by Arshak Ghalumyan and curated by Alexander Abdukarimov

Special thanks to
Iana Salenko & Oleksandr Shpak

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