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Sound Artist & AI-Video Prompt Engineer

Invisible is an immersive performance developed together with Andrea Salustri. It invites the audience to embrace an active observing role and reflects on our perception and relation to change.


The majority of the performance will take place in total darkness. The audience will be exposed to a variety of sensory stimuli in an effort to draw their attention to the changes in their surroundings. The dramaturgy will be sustained and led by the immersive acoustic component. A composition of generative music has a central role in the experience. The parameters of this music engine will be associated with air quality data collected by PlanetWatch sensors deployed globally.

Invisible Performance 1
Invisible Performance 2

A keen eye on an ever-changing humanity

We live in an era that exposes us to subtle and drastic changes that are reshaping individual and collective histories. Our aim is to embrace a process of reflection as a starting point for a broader ontological investigation of identity, responsibility, and agency.


Supported by

Fonds Darstellende Künste


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Invisible Performance 3