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Music Composer & 
Sound Engineer

The music was born homogeneously with the development of the video. The evocative images together with the rhythm of Oliver’s editing strongly influenced me, throwing me in an instinctive but always conscious creative flow.

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Original Score

The dialogue with the director was fundamental to clarify the ideas to develop. We wanted a highly cinematic piece that would blend in with the narrative of the film and contain contaminations of typical Dominican instruments.

The land beyond the blue.

Dominicana Gallery 2
Dominicana Gallery 4

Put your headphones on, sit back, relax and let yourself be immersed into the authentic Caribbean lifestyle following the rhythm of music and discover a land of culture, art and extraordinary colonial architecture!

This short film is the result of 16 extraordinary days of travel in Dominican Republic – from Santo Domingo to the Samaná Peninsula, discovering a plethora of unique landscapes: mountains, forests, cliffs, hidden beaches and mangroves!
Dominicana Gallery 1

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