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11 February 2019

Music For The Planet – Episode 0: The Blue Marble

The journey is about to begin, the curtain opens. Fuseroom Studio (Berlin)

Music For The Planet is an environmental-music project, completely self-financed, which aims to bring to the attention of the public initiatives of various organizations that contribute to the fight against the damage caused to the environment to date.

The project consists of an album of 10 original orchestral tracks composed and self-produced, each of which will be available in all digital stores weekly starting next Monday, February 18. Once the tenth track is released, on April 22, Earth Day 2019, the album will be available on all digital platforms and in free download.

Over time I have developed gradual shrewdness and made important life choices. A green life, a life that looks at the planet in which I live and the generations that will populate it. I have chosen to celebrate its grandeur and to condemn what undermines its preservation. I wanted to use music as a language to do so because it is the one I master and that allows me to communicate with the most intimate level of people, the one that is most important to me.

EPISODE 0 – The Blue Marble

The Blue Marble is an image of planet Earth taken on December 7, 1972, by the crew of the Apollo 17 spacecraft at a distance of about 29,000 kilometers (18,000 miles) from the surface. This image was the first to portray the Earth completely illuminated. In the seventies, it was considered by environmentalists as a symbol of the fragility and vulnerability of our planet.

We cannot remain indifferent to the fact that we all live together in this one blue point suspended in the void. It’s our duty to change the world.

Download the album here. Learn more about all the chapters:

1- Wildlife

2- Responsibilities

3- Fight For Conservation

4- Rainforests

5- Perpetuum

6- Life Rising

7- Earth Means World To Us

8- Tipping Point

9- Northern Lights

10- Surfing With Whales