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15 April 2018

83rd Street

9500 km and 9 hours of time difference between us.

With this article, I’d like to introduce Tancredi Di Paola, talented writer and director of “83rd Street”, a thriller short film made in Los Angeles in 2018.

The story unravels the mystery behind the death of a young woman in her own home, and, after executing poor judgment on the job, a newbie police officer must accept his faith when accused of murder. 

In my opinion, doesn’t make sense to me, speaking about sound and music in a movie without taking into account the little details happening in the shot. Orchestral music and the simplest of sound effects can be heard, and they both combine to create the scene increasingly visually pleasing. With 83rd Street, the music builds up during a scene to imply action and suspense. It is fast and relentless until it reaches its climax. As on roller coasters, tension increases and deflates constantly, making the spectator live in the most intense way all the feelings of the characters in the story.

Synthetics with orchestral sounds, sound textures, and sound design. The horizon of the soundtracks is today, without a doubt, one of the most promising stages of sound experimentation.

Following a comment from him on our collaboration:

“I had the great pleasure of collaborating with Federico, who created the original music for this film. I had already worked with Federico in a previous project called ‘MAMA’, where I witnessed for the first time his instinct and talent in understanding the true feelings of a story and turning them into music. ’83rd Street’ deals with themes of Femicide and Vigilante Justice, and we needed a piece of thoughtful yet dark and mysterious music which could allow the audience to take in the harsh images on the screen and desiring to know more about the characters while the story unfolds.”

The film is now running for different premieres around the world.

For other info and even more productions of this young talented director, please visit also the page ‘SAILING PIG‘. It is a full-service narrative and commercial production company co-founded by Katie Anne Moy and Tancredi Di Paola.

…and action!