Sound Libraries

Sculpting sound shapes to elevate the imaginary

I embrace a deep love for electronic music, experimental music, and sampling.

Passion for creating sounds obtained from “nothingness” or from non-specific materials.

"The sounds I create for composers and producers go beyond the edges of the known."

Strings Boutique is not your classic string library; we turned recorded strings into our dream presets, boutiquely designed, inspired by our favorite soundtracks and composers. You can blend this palette with a dual-layer engine into endless timbres, colors. - Read more

Select an emotion and a key, then click play, the engine will create an ever evolving ambient music from endless possibilities. Create ever evolving music with a few clicks, personalise to your taste, drag to midi, finalise tracks within minutes. - Read more

Wealth of performances, playable solo instruments, patterns and phrases, add modern human colour to your beats with Indie Vocals toolbox for Kontakt & WAV. - Read more

Inspired by the likes of Black Mirror & Blade Runner 2049, Dystopian Element is a dark, processed guitar odyssey by multiple guitarists playing under the concept, through their analog equipment and heaviest fx chains; further processed, edited by Rast Sound to bring you a dark dystopian sound palette in the form of playable Kontakt presets and a treasure chest of raw and processed recordings. - Read more

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