Dystopian Element Library

March 14, 2018

A journey can reserve something unpredictable. This started with my graduation in October 2016 and with my composition "Der Traum-a" specifically. Ever since I was into the recording session with guitarist Flavio Nati, I got the feeling that behind those sounds there was something else waiting. An outstanding potential which surprisingly has bloomed into the first collaboration with Rastsound, creating a unique sound library. Dystopian Element is a dark, processed guitar odyssey by multiple guitarists playing under the concept, through their analog equipment and heaviest fx chains; further processed, edited by Rastsound to bring you a dark dystopian sound palette in the form of playable Kontakt presets and a treasure chest of organic and processed recordings.




Inspired by the likes of Black Mirror & Blade Runner 2049, film & game composers will findplayable multisample instruments (presets) for Kontakt alongside with a plethora of long takes,ambiences, patterns, noises and hits in this library.

We focused to create a unique, organic sound & instrument collection especially for film & game composers. Now … there is no reason not to score the next season of a famous dark sci-fi!


This library is inspired from & co-produced by me recordings and scripted by Katerina Mantzari.

Kontakt Instruments & Interface

There are 20+ playable multisample presets in this collection and the interface will let you further shape and further create sounds using amp/filter envelopes, filter/pitch lfo,convolution/delay, chorus, drive/lo-fi, basic 3 band eq and stutter. We believe the given presets will be your go to instruments for a dark score. 


Hear some of the presets below.



See Kontakt Interface & Booklet



+ 1.25 GB+ (KONTAKT & WAV)

+ 273 Samples +

+ 20+ Playable instruments for Kontakt (full version 5.7.3 needed)

+ 28 creative long takes by multiple guitar players

+ Patterns, Ambiences, Noises & Hits


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