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‘Vertigo’ is an audiovisual composition from the third-year course in electronic music at the conservatory of music, ‘Santa Cecilia’. Shared with Luana Lunetta, this piece’s instruments include transverse flute, clarinet, and concrete materials.
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The music composition includes the presence of aeolian sounds: flutes (in particular blowing and tapping), clarinets (multiphonic), combined with wing beats, sighs and samples of pre-recorded concrete materials modified with resonant filters, slowed down in speed, played in reverse, edited and reversed, produced with various effects finalising the listening in a continuous sensation of suspension and vertigo, almost a dream, a vortex.
All sounds have been processed with Ableton Live. The electronic sounds were generated by processing instrument recordings in Max/MSP and were mixed & mastered in Ableton Live. Video and video FX were composed, processed and Max/MSP Jitter. Thanks to Mitch Martinez for HD Free Stock Footage.
Vertigo portfolio image 2

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