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Music Composer, Sound Designer & Sound Engineer

‘Ilokkorb’ is a self-produced 99-second dystopian short film directed by Andrea Bonetti. It’s been chosen among the best proposals of the 99Fire-films awards in 2018. The original score has been composed overnight right before the delivery.

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These 99 seconds represent perhaps one of the most daring challenges I have taken part in. Once we received the concept communicated by the festival organization, we had a total of 99 hours to deliver it (time to upload the video included).

Ilokkorb portfolio image 1
Ilokkorb portfolio image 2

The real challenge for me was having to take care of the internal audio department (including filming, foley, sound design) while at the same time creating a soundtrack that reflected the air of mystery until the final reveal.

The dystopia represented in the film finds its place in the music with a hybrid score of orchestra and synthetic elements, often atonal. Sound design blends with this to create an engaging scenario that traps the viewer in a very short time.

Ilokkorb portfolio image 3

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