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Music Composer

Music composed for Italian luxury brand Bvlgari promotional campaigns.

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Celebrating eternity

Natale di Roma 2021 – Celebrating the 2774th birthday of the eternal city with Bvlgari. A modern cinematic original score that binds music to sound design. A polyphonic choir of voices praises hope and prosperity.

Torlonia Mables

Fondazione Torlonia and Bvlgari have come together to offer The Torlonia Marbles. Collecting Masterpieces, an exhibition that gives back to their beloved city of Rome. The musical choice is an orchestra tuning up and then exploding into an emotional crescendo.

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The High Jewelry Lab

To celebrate its master craftsmen and women, here’s a glimpse into Bvlgari High Jewelry Laboratory. Sparkling and powerful music at the same time.

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