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Music Composer

Music composed for luxury hospitality and leisure company Belmond promotional campaigns.

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Splendido Mare

Land, tradition, culture, history. Italy is a call to my roots. In this work created for Belmond, I researched the sound of the Italian song to write my original score. 

“Non è più triste il mio cammino,
In Portofino I found my love”.

Islands in Bloom

Discover the natural beauty of Mallorca, Madeira and Sicily. Lose yourself among the vivid colours, captivating flavours and secret charms that go hand-in-hand with island life.

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Caribbean Sea

From Anguilla and St. Martin to the Riviera Maya, Greg Lecoeur invites you to dip your toes in the sand, soak up the healing energy of nature and enjoy relaxed escapes with loved ones in your own Caribbean Sea sanctuary.

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