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Music production and engineering for bands and soloists.

Copetina Velvet, Album La Razionlità


Music Producer & Sound Engineer

‘Velvet’ is an Italian pop/rock band with whom I collaborated for four years. I served as their keyboardist in studio and in live performances before the release of their EP, "La Razionalità" and then later for their album, "Storie." I am grateful for everything they shared and taught me over the years.

The Singers

Composer, Music Producer & Sound Engineer

‘The Singers’ is an international, indie band based in Rome. I composed, produced and recorded their self-titled album which was released in 2013. Served as their keyboardist and through their collaboration, they became my second family.

Viva Lion!

Music Producer & Sound Engineer

‘VIVA LION!’ is a solo project by Daniele Cardinale, who has been active in the Italian rock scene for years. In 2009 Daniele moved to Canada and left the indie scene behind to devote himself to folk. When he returned to Italy, he joined the Cosecomuni roster, the Velvet label. It moves between Rome, Toronto, Berlin and Los Angeles.

Absent Feet

Music Producer & Sound Engineer

‘Absent Feet’ formed in Rome, Italy, in 2010. Their intent - from the very start - was to bring something personal and new to the Italian scene: something that had the “grandeur” of the great rock bands of the past, plus the freshness and the irony of the present time.

The Ties

Sound Engineer

‘The Ties’ have a sound with contemporary mood, but with a generous nod to gritty and vintage, British rock sounds. I recorded and co-mixed their EP, ‘What’s Next?’ garnering first rankings in the charts of digital stores (iTunes, Amazon and Google) following its release on 6th of November 2015.


Sound Engineer

‘TOOT’ is a musical project, the sound of which presents a lot of contaminations: from funky, punk rock to electro, and techno with a touch of bass music. Federico collaborated with them to record and master their last album, "Error 404," and is still realing.

Dada Circus

Sound Engineer

‘Dada Circus’ is a band with a strong and assertive personality. It is a kind of folk/popoular music presented with extraordinary creativity and irony. I recorded and co-mixed their last album, "Lato del Cerchio."


Music Producer & Sound Engineer

‘Astenia’ is a pop/rock Italian band with whom I collaborated as friend and as a professional musician, sharing adventures on several levels. Composer and producer he joined the project as keyboardist for their last EP, "Quello Che Non Ho." Not only are the members of the band amazing people, they have a compact and very inspired sound.


Music Producer & Sound Engineer

‘Misterolesi’ is a very inspired, multifaceted songwriting project with influences from French and European popular music. Federico played all the pianos and keyboard parts and recorded, co-mixed and created all the orchestrations of their album, "Sabré."

Fase 39

Music Producer & Sound Engineer

‘Fase39’ is an electro/pop/rock band based in Turin. I produced, played, recorded, co-mixed and mastered their last album, "Elettroscopia." Energy mixed with sensitivity is the key of their music.


Sound Engineer

‘Uscita17’ is an indie/alternative rock band with electronic-influences. Outspoken and powerful with an aggressive but positive attitude, lovers of shifting tempos and of the unpredictable, Uscita17 is a matter of pride for me.

Stanley Rubik

Sound Engineer

‘Stanley Rubik’ is a power trio in Rome whose music climbs up, then fits into complications and contrasts between "old" and "new" sounds. Getting lost in synth patterns and in the geometry of the mathmusic, they always find the right path, thanks to the Ariadne's thread of their rock matrix which gives a profile to the experimental face. Their music is cinematic and is charged with resolved and unstressed tensions, described in a scenic, surgical, imaginative and theatrical way. In addition, they always have a latent tragicomic underlying sarcasm that seems to be a delay of Kubrik's directorial style.

La Fantascienza

Music Producer & Sound Engineer

Music in dystopian verses in an indie rock environment. La Fantascienza (Sci-fi) is a band of three musicians attentive to harmony, vocabulary and song form.
Just as the eponymous narrative genre was born 70 years ago to tell the darkest corners of society in times of censorship, today the science fiction brings to life the life and death, dreams and nightmares of real human beings inserted in the typical places of the genre . The first album, in fact, "It's Full of Stars" (È Pieno di Stelle).


Feel Good - Vocal Pop

Composer, Music Producer & Sound Engineer

Catchy, electronic and ambient songs at rapid BPMs with inspiring vocals and instrumental versions. A house beat rhythmic-based but with a pop drafting, so nothing extreme, indeed much more addressed to the radiophonic network. Lyrics forward positivity and motivation to the listener with a good variety of voices (both male and female).

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 14.09.45.png


Composer, Music Producer & Sound Engineer

Berlin-based duo that use daily music language to hit and cover the major production companies.

Sophisticated, catchy and bright Pop/Alternative/Electronic atmospheres, vocal and instrumental. Prepare to lose yourself in a total music addiction!

Album Cover 5 Full.jpg

Music For The Planet

Composer, Music Producer & Sound Engineer

Surfing a spark of pure inspiration born from the environmental movement, 'Music For The Planet’ is a non-profit album of 10 orchestral pieces each of them dedicated to a single initiative from different organizations and will be released on 22 April 2019. The project foresees to publish each track explaining in an article how the campaign inspired my music.

Dedicated in honor of Planet Earth. 

The Fall Of The Doge.jpeg

Flabby Fuckin' Mama

Music Producer & Sound Engineer

Flabby Fuckin' Mama is an eclectic trio. They were born as Rockabilly band in 2013 in Genoa from an idea of Stefano Bergamaschi (guitar and vocals) and Gigi Magnozzi (double bass and bass).  Lorenzo Bergamino immediately joined the drums. Since 2015 the band starts to work on their own compositions in the recording studio, widening their sound horizons and gradually abandoning the Rockabilly. A collaboration with a parallel project (I "Tuamadre") led Flabby to support long studio sessions with Claudio Dentes (historical producer of Elio e le storie Tese) for almost three years, influencing the work of the band.

Thanks to their musical skills (all three are multi-instrumentalists), the arrangements and compositions change in fact the stylistic figure.
Their last work The Fall Of The Doge brings dirty powerful sounds for contemporary western movies.