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15 February 2020

Indie Vocals Library

After a long wait, this library sees the light it deserves. The first vocal library in whish I lent my voice to Rastsound to make it. Many of these takes were made in a different context and for a different purpose: creating the album Feel Good – Vocal Pop. But, because of their versatility and potentiality, it was decided to give them a new light.

During a meeting with Rastsound to plan the realization of new products, I shared the listening of the Free Vocal Pop production made for Flipper Music International and published by the label Primerose Music characterized by a modern production of pop voices.

In a context of creative spontaneity, we saw beyond the hill the possibility of creating an interesting and versatile instrument that gave the opportunity to access fantastic vocal lines for different types of productions.

The processing of these voices has been done with a chain of a few but incisive plugins such as Plugin Alliance – Maag EQ4, Waves – RVox, Valhalla DSP – Shimmer Reverb.

Wealth of performances, playable solo instruments, patterns and phrases, add modern human colour to your beats with Indie Vocals toolbox for Kontakt & WAV.

For the first time, we created a non-world vocal library with the same attention to detail and craft while making sure to provide tons of value. Hope you love Indie Vocals, our new modern toolbox.

Indie Vocals Kontakt Player

Song Builders

Parts of a structured song with key and BPM, flexible to add onto your pieces. You can find verse, chorus and bridge parts as well as other processed parts that can be used to build a song.

You can play song builders through Kontakt or edit through WAV files. See an example folder structure of a song builder on the right image.

Solo Instruments

You can play and create your own melodies with 25 solo presets both natural and stylised. For a better solo performance there is a poly legato function to adjust.

Patterns – Words – Phrases

Indie Vocals library comes with more than 200 patterns, phrases and words ready to add onto your beats, with key and BPM data.

Dance Mash Demo

Super easy to add vocals to your grooves, listen demo below.



Parts of a structured song with key and bpm, flexible to add onto your pieces.

Natural & stylized playable presets.

Available as WAV & playable through Kontakt engine (full version 5.8.3)


Do you want to hear some more? Here’s the presets walkthrough.

Where to buy it? Here