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2 June 2020

Dominicana: The Land Beyond The Blue

I haven’t been able to write in my production diary lately, it has been an intense last couple of months when I’ve had issues finding a precise direction. What better opportunity to do it than Dominicana: The Land Beyond The Blue.

I’ve been following Oliver Astrologo‘s work for many years, I’ve always been a sincere admirer of him and it’s a real privilege to work with him today.
This breathtaking footage of the Dominican Republic is making us want to book a trip there ASAP. From the scenery to the architecture, to the culture, it looks like a truly stunning place to visit!

This short film is the result of 16 extraordinary days of Oliver’s travel in the Dominican Republic – from Santo Domingo to the Samaná Peninsula, discovering a plethora of unique landscapes: mountains, forests, cliffs, hidden beaches, and mangroves!
Some of the locations featured in this video – Full map with coordinates and photos available. Santo Domingo, Juan Dolio, Bayahibe, Samaná, Cayo Levantado, Las Galeras (La Playita, Playa Rincon, El Fronton, Monte Azul), Cabrera (Río San Juan).


The music of “Dominicana: The Land Beyond The Blue” was born homogeneously with the development of the video. The evocative images together with the rhythm of Oliver’s editing strongly influenced me, throwing me in an instinctive but always conscious creative flow. The dialogue with the director was fundamental to clarify the ideas to develop and the type of instrumentation to use. We wanted a highly cinematic piece that would blend in with the narrative of the film and contain contaminations of typical Dominican instruments (trumpet, classical guitar, piano, various percussions).
Put your headphones on, sit back, relax, and let yourself be immersed in the authentic Caribbean lifestyle following the rhythm of music and discover a land of culture, art, and extraordinary colonial architecture!

Note on cockfighting: Although this bloody sport is popular in the Dominican culture, I’m personally against any practice of “amusement” towards any kind of animal All YouTube proceeds from this video will be donated to the PETA association.